Netizen Blast Sister Derby For Wishing G@ys Happy Women’s Day

Netizens have continuously trolled Deborah Vannesa a.k.a Sis Derby for her support she is given to the LGBTQI community in Ghana.

In a recall, Sister Derby joined the push for action to help legalise LGBTQI rights in Ghana. This has made her lost the respect, trust, and confidence she had in the fans.

However, as 8 March has been declared as international women’s day, Sister Derby aslo took the opportunity to wish the women including the g@ys who plays the role of women a happy day.

This, however has made netizens queried Sister Derby since when did male become female and enjoying the holiday of females

In a tweet, he said

L.G(gay).TBQI and u still wish them on women’s day… Since when did Gay become women.. Think ooo think before u post

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